Curious about results? See testimonials below:

“I did this kit for myself and I loved it! I had been feeling horrible for about 2 years. With so many things going undiagnosed for so long, this really helped me see the light. I was able to find out what was going on with my body and started a natural health regimen and I am well on my way to feeling normal again. Best money I have spent!” -Linsey

“More wonderful things are happening! I started taking the new remedies yesterday and today I woke up feeling very different! Not only did I sleep better but I had, what I can only describe as "less tightness" in my chest... something I guess I must have gotten used to.... but I feel noticeable better now! I also had a basal temp temp of 98.2 this morning which is a HUGE leap up from the 96.7-96.9 range that I've been at forever! Feeling very optimistic. Thank you again for helping me!” -Eva

“This is an amazing process I never knew was out there. A friend referred me and my progress has been remarkable. You get so much information and support. I've been getting a scan monthly for a few months now and changing the remedies each time. I never knew I could feel this good again. I sleep better, have more energy, am more regular, and have significantly reduced pain." -Mike

“Having this sensitivity screening available, gave us a peek as to why our youngest son was suffering. It has become a crucial guide for me as a nursing mother, knowing what I need to avoid eating. Now that our baby is eating solids, we also know which foods not to directly expose him to.” -Ann

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