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“Every person’s map of the world is as unique as their thumbprint.There are no two people alike. No two people who understand the same sentence the same way… So in dealing with people, you try not to fit them to your concept of what they should be.”-Milton Erikson

“Since most problems are created by our imagination and are thus imaginary, all we need are imaginary solutions.”-Richard Bandler

“People don’t come to therapy to change their past, but their future.”- Milton Erikson

“Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their own unconscious… Patients are people who have had too much programming – so much outside programming that they have lost touch with their inner selves.”


-Milton Erikson, American psychiatrist and hypnotherapist

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”-Napoleon Hill, famous self-help author

“We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.”-David R.hawkins

About Us

About Dr. Tiffany Starnes

Dr. Starnes was born and raised in Tyrone, GA. She earned her B.S. in Psychology from Berry College. She has always been a huge animal lover and enthusiast. Her love for horses began after graduating undergraduate school. While training her horse, she was injured leading her to seek Chiropractic care. She was instantly intrigued with what Chiropractic care had to offer.

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic... the natural way to boost your health and manage stress in marietta, ga. Chiropractic helps your body work better so you can be better! At Body Elements Chiropractic in Marietta, GA  our wellness program helps to keep you and your family balanced for a lifetime. First visit includes: Exam, Consultation and  adjustment.

What Others Are Saying...

Dr. Starnes is the best chiropractor I have ever had! She is the only one that can relieve the pain I get from my ribs. She takes her time and listens to me and doesn't rush me. She could actually be my psychologist! She stays up to date on all the latest research and if you tell her about something she hasn't researched she will go and research it.

Lacey Landecho

I have seen several chiropractors for neck and back pain but I was unable to get relief. But Dr. Starnes kept trying then used a different technique, the Activator Method, and the relief was amazing! Her persistence and skill combined with a genuine desire to do what is best for her patients serve to make her an excellent doctor. I only wish she had more locations.

Dr. Starnes is the most compassionate Chiropractor I have ever dealt with. She takes so much interest not just in your general health but focuses on the WHOLE person. Gentle in her approach, she makes sure the patient is comfortable with the adjustment while explaining and educating about each step. I would recommend Dr. Starnes highly to anyone seeking Chiropractic care!!!!

Gayle Hall

Sharon Brywczynski

Body Elements Chiropractic

2323 Shallowford Road #105C

Marietta, GA, 30066

Tel: (770) 657-7463



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